Friday, February 5, 2016

Every day starts out like this....

This poor dog is put outside and left for hours.
No water, no food, and he barks the entire time
I have loads of video and pictures only because when we called when he got stuck on all the crap in the yard and couldn't go but 1 foot either way. The warden told us there was nothing he could do.

He visited them, explained that the dog was a nusiance (never mentioned not having food, water or shelter for all those hours) and that we could take them to court.

Seems the courts have taken it over. In order for us to proceed and try to protect the dog and ourselves from the constant barking, we have to document and then proceed to the court house and file charges.

If you know us, we don't like drama, nor do we have the energy and will to go through all of that.
Having neighbors who mistreat their animals, or kids is not how I want to spend the rest of my life.
Diana is sick. She may go to sleep at 6AM by the time she can get the medicine to work and he heart to cooperate and let her sleep. 
The dog starts usually at 10 am daily.

BTW.  She has to have window open so she can breathe. Even through the winter. The neighbors know of her condition, and it seems they for some reason think it is funny to continue to let the dog and the kids scream under this window.
They do have a huge back yard where the dogs could run, play and be outside.
But, as you can see, they open the door, put him on a short leash and slam the door behind them.

There are two dogs, one lives behind this one. She also put the dog out for hours with no food, water or shelter when it was hot or cold. They both only do it when the men are away during the day. The back lady either got fired or hurt and has had someone with her for a month, and funny but the dog is NEVER put out on a short leash anymore.

I feel sorry for the dogs. They don't deserve being thrown outside, both being small dogs and then just let them bark non stop, cry to get inside, and making my otherwise quiet existence put me in a bad mood each and every day .

This is a rental, and the landlord was my son's landlord. He wasn't allowed pets when he lived there. So when they moved in and we asked her about the dog, she said that it wasn't theirs, they were just watching it for someone. This has been over a year ago. She lied to us, which shows she doesn't care what they do as long as she gets her rent.

I am at my wit's end. It is hard just to say we will move. We own the house, they rent. We live close enough to the hospital that it saved Diana's life already. We can't just pick up and leave, and why should we have to? I have the documentation, but I hate the thought of having to go to court for any reason. But, this dog is either going to get hurt, or die. Diana can't rest due to the barking, and she is getting so aggravated, i am worried about her. 

I can't take much more. I shouldn't have to.