Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It isn't about the cancer, It is all about the money.

From the beginning it was about the money.
The tests, the treatments, the drugs~~ All about what she could afford.
After fighting and not living up to the doctors predictions of being gone in 6 months, it has turned into money control.

She lost her job, her career, her retirement, and her insurance. She struggled until Medicare came in to play. Now it is worse than ever.
She was better off before she had any kind of insurance.

The drug stores don't care what they hand her, twice she has been given a drug that she is allergic to. Twice they tried to convince her that it was the same. Different manufacturer and because of the cost, they won't carry it. They won't even order it. Twice two different companies almost killed her.  Same with the oxygen.  To save money they are using a generic filter. It doesn't fit. In fact it melts. It almost killed her. It took months to make them see. It took her almost dying to get it taken care of.

Fight for your life only to fight against those who supposedly are to help you.  THEY DON'T~~~BECAUSE IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY~

After 7 years of paying full price because her life saving cough syrup wasn't covered, it is finally covered and she gets a break. Until the drug companies decide they won't use that manufacturer. The next drug cost triple the amount. 

They don't care she fights every day. They just care about the money.
From both of us having careers and money to finding things to sell to get her drugs. What did she fight for???  This is no way for anyone to have to live after giving all their life to the medical field. Working hard and caring so much. Only to find out no one cares~~ No one except us~~

Life isn't about what you do....It is about how lucky you are. Get Cancer~~ Live past your expiration date given and it is almost like you are punished.

She is a fighter, but damn, does she have to fight every day ~~~ The tumor is still there, it is not active, in her lung or brain. She fights the pain and continues to believe. She is the strongest person I have ever known, She nor anyone deserves this~~~