Tuesday, November 25, 2014

7 Years Ago~~Brings us to TODAY~~Thankful

November 25th 2007
Her lung dropped AGAIN....She quit breathing AGAIN..... Here we went. AGAIN....
This is a picture A Few days after the surgery to hold her lungs to her chest wall. Some kind of talc. Glue like substance. They said they didn't know how long it would hold, but she couldn't drop her lung again. It would kill her. She had already gone through chemo and radiation. Given 6 months to live in 05~~ She beat those odds. The Doctor said she had 10% chance to make it off the table to take the tumor out. Two years later that same Dr was called in to operate.
She barely made it, in fact she died several times. He brought her back. Brought her back to me.
 I was scared, very very scared. I called her Ex Husband, told him he needed to come see her. He lived in Florida, but was in Jersey when I called. He also was sick. Bad Heart. So bad that he is no longer with us. But he came, he came as soon as he could. Rob was always there for me. HE and I had a special bond no one will ever understand. I miss him. But unlike so many. HE WAS THERE FOR HER
 The days drug on, staying in the hospital was hard on Diana. Sarah was so great about coming over daily to check in on us, help us and even drawing for us. Without my kids, I would have never gotten through that time. They are still what gets us through. Every day~~ Each and every day~
 Diana is a trooper, she is a miracle and she is my hero. She was not suppose to be here. Stage 4 lung cancer, then a brain tumor. She survives but in massive pain that is so so hard to watch. She cried yesterday because we did not have treats for the dog. She hates that we are not well off and can't have the things we should. She feels guilty because she can't be the person she was, and the pain. I can't describe her pain. But she fights, fights everyday, and for that. I AM THANKFUL 
 Machines, Doctors, Nurses and lots of blood. Not a great way to end the year, but she survived. 
 She felt like she was in jail and wanted out. They finally let her go. Finally she came home. I am scared to death each and every day that we will be going back. There are times I don't take off my coat, or I won't get comfortable because I think it will be time to go to the hospital. I wouldn't want anyone to live like this, but I also am thankful she is alive so we can live like this.
November 25th~~~OUR THANKSGIVING~~

Monday, October 13, 2014

My beautiful Daughter Got Married