Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I am trying~~

As the day started, so did all the anxiety. I am going to try to acomplish the things I didn't yesterday. I am trying, I really am.

I have decided that to keep myself from wallowing in the days ahead, I am going to start going through all those items I saved for whatever reason through the years.

As a mom, you tend to hoard things thinking your kids will want these. It brings back memories, means something or may even be worth money. Then you realize, it means nothing to your children, only to you.

Back in my day, LOL Now I done gone on and said that. Back when I was a teen, when it was time to move on or out, we shopped in our parents basement. We used the couch, the end tables, chairs whatever else we needed, we could find at mom and dad's.

So, I saved everything, just in case. Then when my parents house was emptied after the home was no longer in our possession, our parents were gone, we were gone, I just had to have those items that held such fond memories for me. I had to keep things, for the kids. I wanted them to have pieces of their grandad and growing up.

What a food I have been, they don't want old stuff any longer. They all have great jobs, great lives and don't want or need **Stuff**~ So I guess I will have a big sale, but this time, things I never thought I would let go of. Things that can help us, instead of sitting in a box somewhere waiting for me to die and the kids have to clean out.

No longer saving something just because it meant something to me. Life today means more. If I can make $50 and help with bills, her meds or even buy food. That is what I need to do.

It is hard to shift your thinking, and getting rid of things that you wanted your children to have, but shifting it is.

I am trying...I really am.