Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This is NOT OK!!!

Brand new oxygen concentrator~~~The last one burned her lungs and melted plastic which went to her lungs~~

Last night, an awful sound started and we discovered once more the filter was burning. Thankfully we had another filter, and today she can't breathe, talk and feels like someone choked her all night.

These are the same people who have given us trouble for a long long time. Will it take for someone to die to get this problem fixed?  They are on their way~~~It is 3:00 pm and they were called first thing this morning.

So much for caring???  How she keeps fighting these medical companies who only care about getting their money,  I will never understand.

Her drugs are covered for the month and for that we are very thankful. The heat is horrible and our fans don't work so well, I worry about her breathing in this heat, and we are on the top floor.

Faith~~I have faith something will give....sooner or later something has to give~~