Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Someday's I wonder why....

I spend all day and night on other people's businesses.  I post on their pages, my pages and make sure their business is on as many sites, pages and minds that is humanly possible with one person. It is what I do. It is what I am good at.

I am always trying to come up with new ideas, new ways and new things to get attention to these businesses. I charge a monthly fee and just keep working and working.

Most pay less than $50 a month~ Some I have to remind to pay. Wonder if their employees have to remind them??  Some realize I need information and send it to me regularly. Some send pictures, events and let me know what is happening so I can do the best I can to do what I do. Some have seen the work pay off. They have gotten new customers because someone searched Google, and found them.

Others, Don't send a thing, never let me know anything that is happening. They all pay for the same service, but few utilize me the way they can benefit them most.

I give it my all. I do what I can to make sure I give everything I have to these businesses.

For a small amount of money, I don't stop.
But..... When I feel disrespected it makes me wonder.
Being ignored whether through an email, message, group post or text.
Tell's me I need to re-think who I *promote* or *let in*.

No one can bring me to a place where I stop what I love.
I will continue to give my all.
I will continue to do so at a price I think they can afford.
I will continue to be me.