Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Always try to do the right thing...even though

No matter how many times we get squished. We will try to do the right thing.

A package came to the house yesterday.
It was the correct address, wrong name.
Business name. Randstand Talent
We looked it up couldn't find it.  So we looked at where package came from and called Straight Talk and tried to make them understand the person didn't get their package.
They told us to call FedEx
We called, they didn't care either. Finally got a decent person on phone and he realized we were just trying to get package to the one expecting it.
It was to be picked up between 8:00 AM and 10:AM this morning.
At 12:15 I got a nasty phone call from FEDEX guy who said he picked it up but it didn't have label on it to where I wanted it sent. I explained it wasn't ours, it was delivered to a residence and not a business. Wasn't our box in the first place.
He was nasty and said we didn't deliver to wrong place. Its the right address. I asked him if our home looked like RANDSTAND TALENT. I explained I don't know there address as I didn't send the packaged and he can call Straight Talk.

Doing something you think should be done or you would want done for you just isn't as easy as it use to be. So much for caring. PEOPLE MAKE ME STOP CARING

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If you want to know where your package is~~~ They surely don't know...or care.