Monday, February 23, 2015

Enough already

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Everyday simple problems can be hard on someone fighting for their life.
She has always handled things like no one else.

But, when is enough enough?

This is when I get the most scared, concerned and crazy.

She is so tired of fighting the pain, but she does it.
She is so tired of being stuck, when she was so active. 
But she does it.

For someone who had all the money in the world to now having to watch every dime
She does it.

But now Medicare decided they will no longer cover her morphine. The only thing that allows the pain to dull. Doesn't take it away, but allows her to move, get up, and feel almost human.

They had already taken her life saving cough syrup off the list.
Remember she has stage 4 lung cancer.
Remember she had a brain tumor.

They don't pay for the one thing that keeps her heart rate down either.

She lived, and they are punishing her for it.

How long can she keep fighting. How long should I expect her to stay strong?

I am so tired myself. I can only imagine how she feels.

Everyday issues~~A breeze~~Life issues~~not so much.