Sunday, January 25, 2015

Imagine if cliques did not exist, how much more could be accomplished.

I don't care to be part of a group ~~Especially those groups who tend to ignore others.
I like most people. Let me rephrase this, 
I like people who make a difference, for themselves and others.

I try, no matter who is needing help, I try to help get the word out.
I list causes, events and other things for people, just to help. I post local bands, local artists and local events, just to get one more person aware of them. I try!

I will post lost dogs, animals needing homes and more. I have many who share the same posts.

But, when it comes to some of us needing help, do you think they are helping us?
High and Mighty~ Stand on your high and mighty tower. Does it make me mad, nah~~Does it hurt my feelings~~Nah, but it does make me sad that the one's I try to help don't get the same attention because I am not part of their clique.

They are friends on Facebook, follow your pages and pretend they support or care.
When it comes down to it, they don't. They wont' even acknowledge when they see you out.
Sounds like High School. Which I hated. Still do in fact. Too many fake people, and too many are still fake. They are nice when they need something. They are full of likes when they want something. But when they need nothing from you, you don't exist.

I even want to call them out. But I won't. I am just upset that 2 dogs who badly need help, has not once been shared by the masses of people I have helped through the years sharing their posts.

2 dogs~~ not part of their clique~