Friday, August 21, 2015

Promote Commotion Network of Businesses: Continuation of our Fundraising Sale

We had items donated that we will continue to sell online.
We will take payment through Paypal for the Disciple Cross Necklaces and Key chains and mail out.

Click here to pay the $10 and make sure you include address where you wish to have it mailed.
If you wish to pick up, email and let us know.
We are in Roanoke, VA
We appreciate any and all sales of these donated Disciple Crosses or Key Chains

The Gloves are $1 a box, & we can arrange for you to pick up. They are $8 a case.

Feel free to email us to order, or to ask questions.
Thank you for all the support.

Living with Cancer is stressful, Living with a death sentence is hard.Watching the one you love living this life is horrible.We do not expect handout's, or want to do a GoFundME site. We don't expect the community to take care of us, we just wish to sell what we have to take care of what we face daily. Come by and buy our stuff.

Another donated item~
We found the same thing on etsy and saw they were asking $98 + shipping
These are $20

Handmade Bows and Arrows for kids

$10 bow and 2 arrows

Large 2 person
Steel Frame~ Roped~ Canvas
Best Offer