Sunday, January 4, 2015

Friend needs to find home for Dog, She can no longer take care of her

Needs a home, Owner no longer able to take care of

This is Pebbles, she is about 10 to
 11 years old, very active, pretty well 
She has a very sweet nature gets 
along well with other dogs and does 
well with children. 
She loves to play with the cats by chasing 
them but would never hurt them. 
She was raised around 
cats and rabbits. 

She will not fight other dogs for food. 
She needs a vet visit but just wants 
a lot of love.

Contact me for now at 
or inbox on Facebook here!

Dog will be available as soon as owner

 can get out of hospital and say goodbye.
 It is with her brother as of now. 

Please share.