Sunday, July 13, 2014

A very nice weekend was just what I needed.
Spent quite a bit of time with my daughter who is getting married this fall. I had a great time and I was super excited that we were together as long as we were. She lives in Richmond, and even if it isn't that far, I miss her more than she could ever know.

I am the type of mom who doesn't want the kids to feel obligated to visit, or call or even care, I want them to do it because they want to. They each show me in their own way, how they care and how much they love and appreciate me. That is love and that is how I love it~

Not that I don't wish sometimes I was pushy and didn't have a hard time making them feel guilty, but I truly don't want it that way.

Along with spending valuable quality time with her, I also got to see my son, daughter n law most of the grandchildren and Diana seemed to have a good weekend too.

These are the things that are important. Everyone we love being okay~
Even the dog had a great time running and barking and breaking his leash. A good time for all.

Now it is back to work. For me that consists of Sunday through Friday, on the computer, usually over 18 hours a day posting all over social media about the businesses in the network. I start the night before and post on Promote Commotion, each business and also events coming up. This is time consuming but each post goes to 8 - 10 sites~~Then the next day I post these businesses on at least 5- 8 more sites. I do this every day and do it all for less than $2.50 cents a day in most cases.

Tonight I feel like a fool. I gave many special rates when I started and promised never to raise prices as long as they stay.  Now some of them want more...for the same money. One even wanted to barter services. If it were at the prices I charge now, I still don't feel it is fair. Would any of them work for $2.50 a day?  

I feel like I am as dumb as they come when it comes to this and have some heavy duty thinking to do. I enjoyed it more when I did it for free and did all the businesses I thought were cool, and helped small business owners get some shout outs. But I can't pay for food, meds, or anything that way.

Also getting ready turn a year older, with 2 degrees and another I have I refused to accept, and I can't even get another job.  Leaves lots to think about for sure. 

But for now, I am thanking God for this weekend, looking forward to the week ahead as it is suppose to cool down and we can breathe. Thanking God for what I do have and giving me strength to make the right decisions coming up ~~~

Sunday's have always been a great time to think.....